Date with Diana Ser

14/1/2017 Saturday, 2.30-4.30pm with Diana Ser and Sunny Chong at Sunny Chong Dog Training School.This will be the one and only invited 2 hours session together with your kids age 3-6 years old for  an exciting  hard to come by,


 谢谢陈之财和向云的鼓励, 也很开心训练你家的小狗。

Welcome to Sunny Chong Dog Training School

We sincerely thanks all clients for entrusting your dog education with our proven unique effective dog training program. Your satisfaction(results) is our number one priority. After 19 years of conducting dog training in singapore, dog training has become part of our life. Our strong passion continued to burn within us. Every dog is a very important challenge in transforming a animal into a pet dog. Our trainers look forward to the good boy every owners desired and sharing stories of once upon a time my dog is so not obedience and doing silly things before started dog training with Sunny… Read More

News from Sunny Chong, Principle

Working in the Pet Industry has been an exciting and in 2015 has been a very meaningful year for the school. With the determination and commitment from all staffs, we have finally set our first outlets at 304 Changi Road Singapore.

ACRA Registered Full Time Dog Training School

Our School are Singapore ACRA Registered Company Full Time Dog Training School. We are also very honour to be working with the Singapore Leading Chain of Company Pet Lovers Center.  Our School is situated at 304 Changi Road.  We conduct

Latest Events

Diana Ser Date

14/1/17. ㊗️狂爱中文一周岁生日快乐。谢谢创办人Diana Ser @dianaserlye 以及今天在场的每一位。我们@sunny_chong_dog_trg_school作为合作方也很开心大家今天的光临!度过的一个温❤️,愉快的下午。@#crazyaboutchinese #狂爱中文#sunnychongdogtrainingschool    

Pet Widget Partnership

7/9/16.Our school has successfully completed the making of the APP for Pet Widget.  It is a video recording where our school supported with 2 Superstar Dog namely Misty (Shetland) as the leading male talents and Cookie (Poodle) being the important

Eden Ang Production Partnership

28/8/16. Thank you Eden Ang for coming down to our shop and did a short story production on “The Time i Never Say”.  In this story, Sunny Chong himself was the main character together with the Superstar Dog Charcoal (BC

Meet the MP Filming Participation

17/8/16.  Working with Oak3 Film for the making of Meet the MP drama for Channel 5.   Some of the talents include Mr Aaron Aziz, Ms Udaya, Ms Oon Shu An and our Star Cat Ninja.  

Oak3 Production Partnership

July 16. Participated in the Filming of” Yes Mdm” (我的军官女友)  with our selected doggies trained from Celebrity Star Dog Program.  Bubbies (Golden Retriever), Skyler (Golden Retriever), Yoda (Mongrel).  Catch the drama at Toggles and watch our star dog acting skills.

Fiona Xie Partnership Filming

July 16. Working with Channel 5 for the filming of the drama “Left Behind”.  Our school supported with the Superstar Bubbies (Golden Retriever) for this filming withing closing with Fiona Xie.        

Love 97.2 Doggie Breakfast Session

8 May 16.  Working closely  with Love Fm 97.2   doggie breakfast show at Peninsula Plaza involving about 30 doggies with owners. Sunny Chong Dog Training School is the official school invited for this morning events.    

CNY at Senior Citizen Tanjong Pagar

18 Feb 16.  Working closely with Pet Lovers Center in the yearly Chinese New Year Celebration with the Senior Citizen Club at Tanjong Pagar.  

Condo Project with JRT

14 Feb 16.Assignment with providing a JRT for the filming of a condo project.  This doggie need to do a off leash come, sit upon command during come, biting onto a light weight signage.  Another impressive JRT with only 2

8 平道拍连续剧 – 绝队保险

  Filming with TV Channel 8.今天18/3/15, 学校受邀参加8平道领导狗狗Russell(GSD)与演员刘芷绚(jessica liu)拍连续剧 绝队保险 Accidental Agents. 六月播出      

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Class Training

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AVA schedule 2 dogs

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Boarding and Training

Recent Exclusives

Dogs, Children, and Safety

It is estimated that over 4 million people are bitten by dogs yearly (1). Nearly 800,000 of these injuries require hospital visits, and close to one half of these patients are children (2-3). Although most people are treated in the

Dogs, Children, and Safety

It is estimated that over 4 million people are bitten by dogs yearly (1). Nearly 800,000 of these injuries require hospital visits, and close to one half of these patients are children (2-3). Although most people are treated in the

Dog Behavior

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and at Ease When the Fireworks Start

Keeping Dogs Calm on the Fourth of July Some dogs have no problem with the sight and sound of fireworks if they’ve been desensitized — hunting dogs, for example, grow used to the sounds and smells of hunting rifles and

What is Pack Leader?

Very often, we hear “You need to be the Alpha,  You need to be the Pack Leader” only when you are the Pack Leader, you can then control your dog. So what actually is Pack Leader? To put it simply,

Dog Care

How to Keep your Dog at a Healthy Weight

Maintain a healthy weight for your pet You may think twice about having an irregular feeding pattern or not keeping your pet active, but being overweight can pose health risks for your pet. Mr Sunny Chong, a professional animal trainer

No No Food for Dogs

In Singapore, all pet dogs are treated just like their close family member. Some share their sofa, bed, including special treats such as human food. Owners are happey for doggie to be always sitting next to the dinning table, following


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My Fluffy can now hit 100% pee and poo on the media as choosen, Thanks to the lessons. We are very happy.
Dick Tay and Fluffy (Chow Chow x Splits)

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