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Pet Widget Partnership

7/9/16.Our school has successfully completed the making of the APP for Pet Widget.  It is a video recording where our school supported with 2 Superstar Dog namely Misty (Shetland) as the leading male talents and Cookie (Poodle) being the important

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Eden Ang Production Partnership

28/8/16. Thank you Eden Ang for coming down to our shop and did a short story production on “The Time i Never Say”.  In this story, Sunny Chong himself was the main character together with the Superstar Dog Charcoal (BC

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Meet the MP Filming Participation

17/8/16.  Working with Oak3 Film for the making of Meet the MP drama for Channel 5.   Some of the talents include Mr Aaron Aziz, Ms Udaya, Ms Oon Shu An and our Star Cat Ninja.  

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Oak3 Production Partnership

July 16. Participated in the Filming of” Yes Mdm” (我的军官女友)  with our selected doggies trained from Celebrity Star Dog Program.  Bubbies (Golden Retriever), Skyler (Golden Retriever), Yoda (Mongrel).  Catch the drama at Toggles and watch our star dog acting skills.

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Fiona Xie Partnership Filming

July 16. Working with Channel 5 for the filming of the drama “Left Behind”.  Our school supported with the Superstar Bubbies (Golden Retriever) for this filming withing closing with Fiona Xie.        

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Love 97.2 Doggie Breakfast Session

8 May 16.  Working closely  with Love Fm 97.2   doggie breakfast show at Peninsula Plaza involving about 30 doggies with owners. Sunny Chong Dog Training School is the official school invited for this morning events.    

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My Fluffy can now hit 100% pee and poo on the media as choosen, Thanks to the lessons. We are very happy.
Dick Tay and Fluffy (Chow Chow x Splits)

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