5 Surprising Ways Getting a Dog Changed My Life

Dog offer more than just a companionship, in actual facts, it has benefited me and change my life, here are some of my personal experience to share with you.











(1) Dogs keep you exercise MORE.   Owning a dog can motivate you to exercise everyday.  Very often we are lazy after  long day at work and we give excuses to skip a workout, but looking at your dog standing by at the door waiting for a walk with you will actually give you that extra  push you needed to get out there for a walk, and this indirectly can greatly improve your health.

(2) Stress Release and it Boost your mood.   Petting and playing with your dog or even watching your doggie playing can reduce your stress everyday.  Talking and hugging your dog will also give you a window to de-stress.  Your dog will be your best friend and listener of all your problems and frustration all the time (with no complain)

(3) Improved Social Life and Make more Friends.   Regular walks at the parks will most likely invite people to stop and talk to you .  It is a very good way to improve your social life with more new friends, it might even help you to get a date.

(4)  Strengthen Kids Immune System.   Children raised up around dogs at home are less likely to have allegies.  In fact, a dog help kids to grow up to have an better immunity to pet allergies later in life.

(5)   You will be Safer.   Dog can be the best effective home security system.  They are sensitive to sound and strange movement and will bark at this occurance, it actually deter burglars.

Once you have a dog, you will have it for life, it is a friendship that is build up with only love and no asking for any returns.



by Sunny Chong (Prof Dog Trainer)

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