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14/1/17. ㊗️狂爱中文一周岁生日快乐。谢谢创办人Diana Ser @dianaserlye 以及今天在场的每一位。我们@sunny_chong_dog_trg_school作为合作方也很开心大家今天的光临!度过的一个温❤️,愉快的下午。@#crazyaboutchinese #狂爱中文#sunnychongdogtrainingschool




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The training provided was relatively good. Couldn’t find any flaws.  It gave us great confidence in handling Shiro.  In addition, you pointed out our mistakes and guided us in the right direction.  Helping us understand dog better.  Now, I have a dog that responds to my command.  Overall, our family are satisfied. Your knowledge and ability in training dogs are amazing. We are very thankful to you and your team for the hardwork.  Thanks for the advice and service whenever needed.  

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