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In our years of teaching, here is 1 question commonly  asked – what is the different between the puppy program and the basic obedience training?    To put it simply, puppy class is dealing with puppy issues like potty training, feeding essentials, daily maintenance, puppy behaviours correction (checked at our Puppy Program) at home,  while the basic obedience program is to transform your dog to be an obedience dog understanding commands and behaving well in the public.

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In our school, we do accept dog as young as  3 months old to start their 1st step into the journey of obedience education training  and it is the entry level for any basic obedience program all dogs undergo.  An initial home visit will be conducted by our Professionals for better understanding of dogs living environments and details discussion on the program outline, and take note of  owner highlighted  problems faced before enrolment of class and another final evaluation conducted to ensure success.

The program outline is designed by AVA and it can be downloaded from  img_1156This training is of  great fun and it also includes the important ingredients of obedience imprinting with basic commands and realistic application of obedience skills in our daily lifestyle.  Step by step training notes can be issued during every lesson upon request.  The lesson taught will promote the overall trust, control and bond between human and dog relationship.  Your dog will benefit physically and mentally.

This Program is a 8 session program.  Part 1 will be teaching all the basic command which include Heel , sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, come.  Part 2 will be covering the Social Interaction which include handling skills like (1) Walking Through A Crowd (2)  Dog V Dog Interaction  (3)  Reaction to Distraction.    A formal certificate will also be issued upon the completion of the program.  On the Certificate, photo of our class trainer and your dog will be printed, the completed program outline will also be reflected on the certificate.img_2360




This Program can be conducted as a (1) Class Environment, (2) Home 1-1 arrangement or (3)  Boarding and Training  accordingly to your needs.

Some owners may question and ask but my dog have behavioral issues like barking, chewing etc, how will a basic obedience program help?  The answer is basic obedience training is the foundation and first step in solving any behavioral issues. Your dog must first understand some basic commands and at the same time understand the relationship of the alpha/master and dog relationship through training which will then make any correction easier later.

Our Professional Dog Trainers and staffs are friendly, highly approachable and are as eager to talk to you about dog training.

Call now for the change. We have trained thousand of dogs, there is no reasons why you can be left out.  “There is no stupid dog, Only Lazy Owners”

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The training provided was relatively good. Couldn’t find any flaws.  It gave us great confidence in handling Shiro.  In addition, you pointed out our mistakes and guided us in the right direction.  Helping us understand dog better.  Now, I have a dog that responds to my command.  Overall, our family are satisfied. Your knowledge and ability in training dogs are amazing. We are very thankful to you and your team for the hardwork.  Thanks for the advice and service whenever needed.  

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