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Boarding and Training program is the most effective and guaranteed options dog owners preferred.  In this program, your dog will be boarded at our Pet on Holiday Boarding House.  When there, our Professional Dog Trainers will be working with your dog – Full Time, Yes it is a Full Time training program, because we will be working with your dog everyday, combining the years of training dogs experience, the results and progress is fast and it can be measured and controlled by our school.

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A standard program will be approximately 6-8 weeks.  All dogs get to go home on the 6-7 days.  During this time, our Professional Dog Trainer will be teaching the dog owner techniques of handling based on the weekly planned dog training progress. Owners are always impressed with their dogs improvement and looking forward to more changes week by week.

If you are a busy owner and have no time to follow up on dog training practise after class, this will be the best option to get that obedience dog in the fastest possible way without interruping  your current personal committment and lifestyle.

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The training provided was relatively good. Couldn’t find any flaws.  It gave us great confidence in handling Shiro.  In addition, you pointed out our mistakes and guided us in the right direction.  Helping us understand dog better.  Now, I have a dog that responds to my command.  Overall, our family are satisfied. Your knowledge and ability in training dogs are amazing. We are very thankful to you and your team for the hardwork.  Thanks for the advice and service whenever needed.  

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