Class Schedule



Puppy Class – 5 Sessions, 1 Hour / Session

Obedience Class – 8 Sessions, 1 Hour / Session

The Pet Safari @ Vivo


Puppy Class (16/7/2017, 5pm) ($550) Sunday

0/4 Participants


Obedience Class (16/7/2017, 4pm) ($450) Sunday

0/8 Participants


The Pet Safari @ Nex

Puppy Class (1/7/2017, 5pm) ($550)  Saturday

0/4 Participants

Obedience Class (1/7/2017, 4pm) ($450)  Saturday


8/8 Participants



Paya Lebar Square 

Obedience Class (18/8/2017, 8pm) ($450) Friday

3/8 Participants

Sunny Heights  

Off Leash Class (30/7/2017, 8am) ($450) Sunday

3/8 Participants

Obedience Class (30/7/2017, 10am) ($450) Sunday

2/8 Participants



Home Training

Puppy Class  (at your convenience) ($750)

Obedience Class (at your convenience) ($980)




Note: A deposit of $50 is required for the class booking via online and is not refundable.

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Home Training . Puppy Program. Basic Obedience.  ~ Progressing well with 2 session now. Grumpi walks back to his pee tray to pee and never pee out of the tray.  The other day Grumpi  was in my room and the moment i opened the door, Grumpi ran out to his tray to pee.  Ye Ye…..
Cheryl Lim and Grumpi (English Bulldog)

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