Celebrity Star Dog Program

This program is aim at producing star dog to participate in Singapore media projects including advertisment, drama recording , TV shows and all possible media exposures.


Pre-Qualification needed (1)  Basic Obedience Trained is preferred.  If not, can undergo a crash course of 2 lessons, 1 hours/lesson.  (2)  Friendly with no aggression.


IMG_4162With the completion of this program in class A, B, and C, this would have already obtained good training with the actual on set environments ready for projects.


Dogs need consistent stimulation of mind and they  need to have a job to keep them going rather than locking them up at home on most days.  Discover and allow your talented dogs to be part of the media participation and live a colorful and healthy life.

Call now at 98757503.  Do not waste your dogs talents.











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my experience sharing … 老狗不能教吗?不一定!Sunny有系统的,让我家5岁RowRow学会认“厕所”。更重要的是,在过程中,身为主人的我也学习和它的互动。谢谢Sunny指导,开启希望。 Row Row (Maltese) Potty training is already 95% hit on pee pad now. He is consistent and accurate as compared to before.   Thank you.
Chai Li Lian DJ Love 97.2RadioSingapore

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