Class Training

Class Size    For our class lesson, there will be maximu of 6 puppies in a Puppy Class and   8-10 dogs in a Obedience Class.   We would encouraged all family members to participate during the training but we like to request that during training, 1 dog should be accomoplished by 1 handler.  However, it is possible to switch handler during the break time.

Training Ground    Our School has been very fassy over the selection of training ground for all our programs.  The training ground has to be legal, clean and most important of all, can provide a training environments that will help and facilitate dog learning/teaching atmosphere.

The Selection of the training ground is based on the following factors:

(1)  Legal/Approved Ground.   The training place will need to be legal and approved for its purposes of training dogs by the relevant authorities.  There should not be any distruption of training and it has to be appointed for such events on its specific date and time weekly.

(2)  Clean Environment.  The actual training ground  will need to be clean, free from flea and tics.   Our school would prefer to be a concrete ground where it will not be affected by muddy conditions.

(3)  Good Training Environment.   To be realistic in dog training, we would prefer to be working on a busy location under distraction with people and dogs, a training ground that is as close to reality and our daily routine life pattern.

(4)  One Stop Service. A most perfect location will be such that there is also pet retail shop within walking distance to facilitate the need to purchase any accessaries whenever the needs arises.

(4)  Centralised Location – A location that is not too far off and easily accessible by car/mrt/bus.  To be centrally located so as to minimise travelling time.

And we present to you – our 2 selected training grounds namely  (a) Vivo City Shopping Center which is centrally located (b) Serangoon NEX Maill located in the northern part of Sinapore.   We were fortunate to be working closly with Pet Lovers Center for the above 2 locations.  (c)  School HQ located at 304 Changi Road , location in the Eastern part of Singapore.

Actual Training Ground at Vivo City Shopping Center














Students will need to use the lobby G elevator to gain access to 3rd floor, we are just located beside Pet Safari.

Actual Training Ground at NEX Mail, Serangoon Central



Students will need to look out for the direction notice to use the Pets Lift painted on NEX mail parking wall to gain access to the training ground located at Level 4R.

The Picture of the actual training ground photo will be uploaded once ready.

Actual Training Ground at Eastern Part of Singapore, 304 Changi Road,419782 





We are proud to provide the above mentioned 3 training ground to serve our dog training needs which satisfied our pre-selection critirial. We look forward to continue to improve on our services to provide a even better atmosphere for all our dog training needs.








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my experience sharing … 老狗不能教吗?不一定!Sunny有系统的,让我家5岁RowRow学会认“厕所”。更重要的是,在过程中,身为主人的我也学习和它的互动。谢谢Sunny指导,开启希望。 Row Row (Maltese) Potty training is already 95% hit on pee pad now. He is consistent and accurate as compared to before.   Thank you.
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