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Boarding and Training Program is the most result oriented program our school can offered. In this program, the progress and advancements are control by our school and trainers. During the program,  our Professional Dog Trainers will be working with your dog – Full time every day. The results and progress will be fast and it often exceeded what owners can imagine.

DSC_1156The standard program taught will be the AVA accredited Basic Obedience Program during the Boarding and Training duration. We will also be correcting on the highlighted behavioural issues owners are concerened with their doggie during the stays. Weekly training schedule and video updates are send to owners for update and comments constantly. Our training methods are based on positive and negative reinforcements whenever necessary. Doggies will go home on the 6th and 7th day to be with owners to experienced the weekly changed improved dogs. Owners are always impressed with their doggie improveement and looking forward to more changes week by week.

This is a very intensive program of 6- 8 weeks depending on the doggie progress and any further improvement owners requests. During the stays, the intensive training program together with daily instructed feeding, exercising,  grooming and weekly transfer will be inclusive in the package.

This Program is most suitable for Dog owners who are unable to attend our weekly training session or home training due to busy schedule and also not being able to have any free time to practise  with their  own dogs.   This program is also very popular as a “Jump Start” to all regular training if owners do indeed to follow up  with weekly classes later.

Seeing is beliveing, check out on our constant updates with our happy owners on the facebook on both Sunny Chong Dog Training School.

Call and talk to our professional trainers, we will be happy to explain and answer to all your question in details.  We want you to fully understand what to expect from our boarding and training, how it can work for you and your dog.


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Wow! Significant improvement with his performance. Good Job. He is doing very well. We are impressed with the progress.  Looking forward to more Russell (German Shephard) progess.
Eugene Chong & Russell (GSD)Singapore

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