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Pet on Holiday (POH)  is a great holiday escape for your pet. A center not only packed with daily fun activities, it also provide training alternative when you are away or needed some help from our professional away from your home. Since our professional trainers work with your pet every day, they learns very quickly. We have scheduled program to follow up with all our day and overnight programs. We want the lessons to transfer seamlessly when you take your pet home. While you are on Holiday, allow continuous learning and quality fun time when your dogs are housed with POH.


We offer training that is better than “Boot Camp” or “Cage Free” environments. Instead of locking your dog up or letting him run crazy all day, our Structure and Reward Based Programs offer the best of both. We treat each pet personally, giving it its own space with toys and bedding where it can rest between lessons and interraction time. We alternate rest time with mental and physical exercise including interraction and lessons. They get individual training and group exposure for socializing and distraction training.

At POH, your pets are under the good care at our boarding facility, with our structured program or owners concerned on undesired canine behaviours, our in house professional pet trainers and pet handlers under the supervision and guidance of our Training Director, Sunny Chong will works with your pets on basic techniques, as well as addressing your concerned over common behaviour problems. It also provide a venue to help trained pets to reinforced on the training technique it had before and helps to build trust, filled relationship with the pets in our pack.

Your dog can be also on a learning and fun holiday when you are enjoying your holiday too.

See you at the Pet On Holiday.

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The training provided was relatively good. Couldn’t find any flaws.  It gave us great confidence in handling Shiro.  In addition, you pointed out our mistakes and guided us in the right direction.  Helping us understand dog better.  Now, I have a dog that responds to my command.  Overall, our family are satisfied. Your knowledge and ability in training dogs are amazing. We are very thankful to you and your team for the hardwork.  Thanks for the advice and service whenever needed.  

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