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IMG_5159Congratulation in your recent additional of a new beautiful puppy into your life.  This will be your greatest investment with the biggest rewards, an unconditional lifetime of love from your companion dog. There are a few important factors our school will advise owner to focus and arrange them  from the start to prevent unnecessary stress and worries in the later stage.

Owners often ask, what is the right age they should start puppy training? the answer is IMMEDIATELY.  Puppy Training has got no relation to the 3 vaccination rules from the Vet.  Owners can start teaching their puppy from home. Puppies are pack animal and operate in a pack leader and followers living pattern.  It is also at this stage that all owners will need to establish their strong pack leader relationship status to have better control over the situation.

Very often, we trainers are posted with endless worriesIMG_6839 from  puppy owners about where to find the right accessories, the most delicious treats, the most comfortable bed and the shopping lists goes on.   Owners started to adjust their home furniture, change their lifestyle and  adjust their house rules, some even started  to fill their house with many cages and fencing that it looks more like a mini zoo.   Owners also started to give excuses and reasons for puppy mistakes instead of helping and training puppy to fix the mistakes.  Owner has forgotten about the most fundamental concerns – Owner should teach their puppy so that they can adjust and fit into the family life pattern quickly not adjusting the family to suit the puppy.


Puppy can sense our confidence level and will take control if they perceive us as weak.  When this happens, bad behaviours problems such as excessive barking, digging, biting/chewing and more undesirable behaviours will develop. Owners role to be the pack leader does not begin when your puppy is 6 months old or when he is bad, in fact, it should be maintained from puppy stage  training experience and grow into a healthy, balance dog.

In our School Effective Puppy Training Program, we have carefully tailor-made  a 5 sessions program  based on many years of hand on training and feedback  thus designed outline especially suitable for 1st time dog owners. There will be a complimentary home visit by Sunny Chong himself or our specialists to understand your concerns and at the same time to explain about our signature programs so that there is a clear understanding about the training program.

In our program, the  outline covered:

(1) Breed Understanding– owner should at least know some basic knowledge about your own breed of puppies, we will go through the breed characteristics so that it help owners to better understand certain behaviours of their doggies.

(2) Puppy Essentials

a.  Grooming Essential – owner will learn the IMG_8282correct way of daily maintenance of your puppy.  Some of the important skills includes nail cutting, shaving of under paw,  canine ear and cleaning

b.  Feeding Essential – this session will be the understanding of puppy food and the correct feeding habits, timing and how to prevent food aggression. It will actually helps in the toilet training later.

c. Exercise/Walking – puppy learn how to accept collar and leash and handled by owners the correct way.

(3) Socialization skills– puppy learn the correct way of interaction with others without causing possible aggression and fight during socialisation .

(4) Toilet Training*** This will be the main important topics and owners will be guided closely for the 4 stages of toilet training thus achieving the no more pee and poo on the floor.  Upon completion of the 4 stages, there will be NO MORE CAGE, only  pee pad/tray will be used for the doggie. 

(5)  Puppy Health.  Main topic covered includes vaccinations, Flea and Tics prevention, teething and remedy.

Puppy Program can be conducted as (1) class environments of maximum 4 puppies or (2) your home as a exclusive 1-1 puppy program.


We have conducted this program for so many years now, there is no reasons why you do not achieved the results.

A program not to be missed. Call now to start off the right way.

All photos used are actual puppies available at the school and puppies from our clients.

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