Puppy Training


"Now it is a breeze for us as far as his pee n poo is concern. We have no worries of him messing around with his pee n poo in our house, cos he won't anymore. Great job." - Florence Wong

Puppy Training

Step-by-Step guide to tackle your toilet training problem

"Now it is a breeze for us as far as his pee n poo is concern. We have no worries of him messing around with his pee n poo in our house, cos he won't anymore. Great job." - Florence Wong

Does Your New Puppy Have Any of the Following Naughty Behavior Issues?

​​☐ Nips you or the kids?
☐ Chews shoes, furniture, or things other than dog toys?
☐ Cries whenever you leave him?
☐ Is destructive?
☐ Isn’t potty trained?

If So You’re Not Alone…

The greatest challenge for all puppy owners is toilet training for their beloved pet. Puppies tend to relieve themselves everywhere in the first few days before they are trained. You may have probably experienced this already. It’s usually very frustrating to find yourself stepping in dog poo in your compound while you are going about your duties.

But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Our Puppy Training Program is perfect for you in dealing with such challenges. With a solid experience of having trained more than 20k puppies in the last 20 years, we have what it takes to get your beloved pet doing the right thing. The toilet training is usually the very basic training given to all puppies. The training program has a number of activities outlined below. And the good news is that we can customise the program to fit the unique needs of your puppy.

The program is designed in such a way that it takes a number of lessons that are progressive. Each lesson is followed by a check. If the result is positive, then the puppy progresses to the next level. A lesson is usually repeated to ensure that it has been learnt well, because you as the owner want result-oriented training.


Course Outcome

    • Teach dog to pee and poo correctly
    • Better puppy management knowledge
    • Techniques to handle puppy chew and bite
    • Hands-on grooming techniques

Course Syllabus

(1) Breed Understanding
Owner should at least know some basic knowledge about your own breed of puppies, we will go through the breed characteristics so that it help owners to better understand certain behaviours of their doggies.

(2) Puppy Essentials
Grooming Essential – owner will learn the correct way of daily maintenance of your puppy. Some of the important skills includes nail cutting, shaving of under paw, canine ear and cleaning.

Feeding Essential – this session will be the understanding of puppy food and the correct feeding habits, timing and how to prevent food aggression. It will actually helps in the toilet training later.

Exercise/Walking – puppy learn how to accept collar and leash and handled by owners the correct way

(3) Socialisation Skills
Puppy learn the correct way of interaction with others without causing possible aggression and fight during socialisation.

(4) Puppy Health
Main topic covered includes vaccinations, Flea and Tics prevention, teething and remedy.

(5) Toilet Training
This will be the main important topics and owners will be guided closely for the 4 stages of toilet training thus achieving the no more pee and poo on the floor. Upon completion of the 4 stages, there will be NO MORE CAGE, only pee pad/tray will be used for the doggie.

What our students say

Price Plan

Home 1-1


5 sessions / 1 hour

Toilet Training
Learn to Trim Nails
Learn to Clean Eyes and Ears
Correct Feeding Techniques
Teething Remedy

Board and Train


1 Month

1 Month Toilet Training (School)
3x Toilet Training (1-1 Home)
Daily Meal
Daily Treadmill Walks
4x Swimming Sessions
Brushing Teeth
Cleaning Eyes and Ears
Daily Combing
Weekly Shower
Pack Socialisation
Trimming Dog’s Nails

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