What is Pack Leader?

Very often, we hear “You need to be the Alpha,  You need to be the Pack Leader” only when you are the Pack Leader, you can then control your dog. So what actually is Pack Leader?

To put it simply, a group of dog is called a Pack and in every Pack, there is a leader, this leader is an individual who is dominant over all pack members. In the dog language, this individual is called the Alpha. This Alpha is the member who makes the decision and the rest of the pack obeyed. THIS IS ALSO THE INDIVIDUAL THAT YOU AS A OWNER MUST BE, IN YOUR DOG EYES.

To be the Alpha,  all owners will need to establish a strong leadership with your dog. Here are some of the suggested ways to build that strong leadership.

(1)   A daily routine workout will need to be established. Be it a simple long walk or a evening play, it is to create the pattern of pack leadership leading dogs as a follower obeying the walks, basic command in every activities.

(2)  In every thing you do there are rules, boundaries, limitation and restriction to obey and follow, this is call established.  discipline, this also applied to all dogs. Upon violated, corrective actions or punishment will need to be applied so that basic manners are observed.

(3)   Owner need to be the Alpha to take charge.  For example, owner allows dog to go for pee/poo breaks as compared to dogs pull owner to chosen location for the toilet breaks or even just marking on every trees.  If your dog jumps on you when you arrive home, she is the pack leader – she is in charge. If your dog jumps on your guests, she is making sure that these new arrivals also know she is in charge. Instead, owner need to take charge, give instruction to SIT – Stay and greets with proper manners like shaking hand in a sit position.

(4)   Give your dog a job, a task, a instruction or something to do before a reward is given to encourage and teach boss and followers relationship.


Shared by :  Sunny Chong


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