28 Jan 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak

In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak, as there is yet to have any official guidelines released for the pet industry in Singapore, we refer to the article below for *general advice* from Express.co.uk released on Friday 24 Jan 2020, on “Coronavirus outbreak: Can YOUR pet carry or spread coronavirus?”

“CORONAVIRUS outbreaks have become a global health concern after cases quickly exploded from the Chinese city of Wuhan in the country’s Hubei province and across Europe and America. Can pets carry or spread coronavirus?

The disease has achieved human-to-human transmission, meaning people can pass it between one another, but it cannot be passed back to animals.

Instead, animals have their own strains of the virus to worry about, some of which affect pets.

Scientists have documented several animal strains of coronavirus, including two forms of the disease in cats and dogs, and others in ferrets, mice, pigs and cows.

In animals, coronaviruses cause general discomfort and intestinal infection and is transmitted via oral contact with faecal matter or other bodily fluids.

While animals won’t spread 2019-CoV, there is a real possibility the infection may spread further afield as Chinese New Year approaches. “
To understand further please check out >> https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1232667/coronavirus-outbreak-virus-spread-can-pets-get-coronavirus-animals-Wuhan-China



In the meantime, for cleanliness precautions, SCDTS has taken steps to:

1️.  Ensure the cleanliness of our compound:

  • Daily sterilisation of area and tools is excised in our kennel
  • Virkon, the disinfectant formula for farm/zoo biosecurity is used

2.  Ensure that our staff is fit and well where:

  • Daily temperature is taken before entering work stations
  • Have not travelled outside of Singapore from 10 Jan 2020
  • Will not be travelling overseas for the next 3 months


House Visits . One-to-one Trainings

  • Pre-declaration of travel history and intent (in the next 3 months) must be submitted by client to SCDTS before house visits / 1-1 trainings
  • Pet consultants / Trainers will be in medical protective wear such as disposal surgical masks


[ Group Classes ]

  • Pre-declaration of travel history and intent (in the next 3 months) must be submitted by client to SCDTS before class commences
  • All students temperatures will be taken and noted down upon registration
  • Sanitisation of personal hygiene is to be observed throughout the class
  • Any sickness is to be declared immediately and advised to visit a doctor immediately


Please be ensured that regular house visitations and one-to-one training sessions are carried out as per normal, with upmost stringent precautions taken. For any enquiries, contact us @ 8877 8388 / 8444 8388 or you may send us an email here.



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